Product Name Description
Polyester Fibre Polyester Staple Fibre (PSF), 0.9D-20D (32-64mm)
For textile and non-woven fabric
Polyester Filament, 50D, 68D, 75D, 100D, 150D, 250D, 300D
Polyester Oriental Yarn (POY)
Filament Draw Yarn (FDY)
Draw Texture Yarn (DTY)
Polyester Chip Filament grade and bottle grade, and ESP chip
Acrylic Fibre Acrylic Staple Fibre (ASF), 1.5Dx38mm
Acrylic Tow 3D, 5D
Acrylic Top 3D, 5D (64-102mm)
Man Made Fibre Rayon Staple Fibre (RSF) 1.5Dx38mm
Viscose Rayon Filament Yarn (For export), 120D, 150D, 250D, 300D
Bright Type, Dull Type
Modal Yarn
Spandex Fibre 20D, 30D, 40D, 70D, 110D, 140D to 840D
Provide Korea, Taiwan, America, Japan, Italy
Nylon Fibre Nylon Filament Yarn (NFY), Draw Texture Yarn (DTY), 20D, 30D, 40D, 70D etc.
For weave cloth and socks.
Cotton Locally manufactured and import, 127/9, 227/9, 327/9, 427/9, 527/9 etc.
All Cotton and T/C Grey Fabric
Dyed and Printed Fabric
Denim Fabric and Cord Fabric
Polyester and Nylon Fabric T150, 170, 190, 210 etc.
Wool Lambswool
Micro Fibre

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Import, Export, Domestic Trade